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October 25-27, 2007 Vilnius, Lithuanian Exhibition Center „Litexpo“

Association „Infobalt“, UAB „Ekspozicijř centras“ and Lithuanian Exhibition Center „Litexpo“ hereby invite to participate at the 14th International Exhibition INFOBALT’2007 devoted for ITT technologies, electronic services and electronics.

Main focus of this year’s exhibition is orientation towards target visitors and related changes in exhibition advertising, public relations. Exhibition „Infobalt‘2007“ is a perfect place to prepare for opening up of new markets, to present production, services and potentials for future customers, partners and consumers. Virtual part of the exhibition will form good conditions for search of business contacts and sales stimulation. For detailed information regarding peculiarities of this year’s exhibition, please visit: .

Exhibition prices: one square meter for your company’s stand will cost LTL 280. (excluding VAT). For  „Infobalt“ members – LTL 200 (excluding VAT). Registration fee – LTL 800 (excluding VAT).
For international companies, scientific and scholastic institutions we offer service packages rendering exceptional conditions comparing to participation according to common conditions. For exhibition debutants, i.e. for those who hasn’t participated in the exhibition „Infobalt“ before, preferential prices – as for members of the association „Infobalt“.
For exhibition members there are rendered not only already usual „Press Center“, „Virtual Exhibition“ and similar services, but also the possibility to disclose information about exposed products for target visitors through branch business associations and national technological platforms.

As always, organizers are ready to discuss your non-standard needs, wishes to participate in advertising, conference and seminar programs of INFOBALT‘2007, to become event sponsors and to offer new focuses of INFOBALT‘2007.
Best regards,

President of the Association “Infobalt”
Evaldas Kulbokas

Director of UAB „Ekspozicijř centras“
Erikas Piskunovas

Director of the Exhibition Center Litexpo
Aloyzas Tarvydas

Contact persons:

Regarding registration for participation in the exhibition and other technical information:
Saulë Skacevičienë, Lithuanian Exhibition Center “LITEXPO”
Exhibition project manager
Tel.: +370-5-2686829
Fax: +370-5-2686826
E-mail: saule (eta)
Laisvës Ave. 5, LT-04215 Vilnius

Area reservation, stand ordering:
Rita Orlakienë, UAB „Ekspozicijř centras“
Tel.: +370-5-2700801
Mobile: 8-614-83974
E-mail: rita (eta)

Other question:
Gintaras Kruđinskas, Association „Infobalt“
Project manager
tel. 5~2622623,
mobile: 869817045
fax 5~2622629
E-mail: gk (eta)



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